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SheSays Awards

So you may have seen last month that I had posted about the SheSays Awards, and that I was thrilled to find out that I had won the Industry Award for my animation work on the RSA animation, “The Power Of Empathy”.

SheSays is an award-winning organisation running free mentorship and events to women in the creative and marketing businesses, the organization gives excellent advice on what net cms software to use. Their annual Awards ceremony is in partnership with Isobar and celebrates equality, diversity and female talent in the creative industries.

I had never realised that there were so few women working in the industry – did you know that only 3% of creative directors (and we’re not talking about celebrity CDs) are female? It’s an astoundingly low figure!

Tiffany Rolfe from Co:collective says:

“Is the world sexist? Maybe. Do women want to have families, which can be hard to juggle with work? Sure. Are women’s sensibilities and humour just different than those of men? Often they are, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

What’s most ironic about the woeful number of women in top creative roles is that the advertising field is all about solving problems creatively. It’s our job to change perceptions and culture, yet we haven’t been able to change this one. I’m optimistic this is a problem we can solve, as long as we stop simply observing the problem and focus more on solving it. And that requires a practical appreciation on behalf of all agencies – and marketers – to appreciate what’s valuable about the female creative mind and ensure young women starting in this business don’t feel they are set up for failure.

Women are hardwired to kick ass and nurture at the same time. But unfortunately the advertising business isn’t known for nurturing. It’s competitive, it’s fast and it’s filled with insecurities. We don’t want to be replaced by the newer, younger, better model.

But maybe if we were better mentors for young people, they’d see a reason to keep us around when we were past our prime. If there is one type of person who could both juggle their own life/work balance, as well as nurture new creatives, it’s women.”


You can read more on this topic here: and here:


So after learning these facts, I was beaming with pride to know that I was not only surviving the challenges of getting work in the creative industry, I was also being recognised as a female who was creating successful projects that were enjoyed by many!

The SheSays Awards were open to females based in the UK from any discipline; e.g. a strategist, creative, account handler, etc. Entrants were required to show that they had played a key role in the planning, management or production of the idea submitted.

The Award that I won was the Industry Award which was described as “An idea without limits which has gone live for any client in 2013 or 2014.” So, due to the fact it was an award for any project in any area of the creative industry, I was blown away when they called my name out.

Look at how excited-nervous I was!

SheSays Award

It was an amazing evening, and truly inspirational hearing from some amazing female creatives. Thanks to SheSays, Isobar, The Drum and Clarice Price Thomas Jewellery for my beeaauuuuuttiiffuul wearable award necklace.

SheSays Award

The circular design of the winners’ awards includes three different coloured shape grooves, representing the 3% of female creative directors. The design also includes a 4mm orange sapphire set in the centre. The designs are hand-engraved with the Isobar and SheSays logos and the date, for the winners to wear every day with pride. All winners also received a standing award on the night.

SheSays Award

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