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This year the Wiltshire Heritage Museum’s galleries are to be re-fitted to tell the story of Prehistoric Wiltshire and the people who lived there. The renowned archaeology collection will be re-displayed to tell new stories and gold objects excavated from Bush Barrow near Stonehenge will be displayed permanently for the first time.

I’ve been asked to develop a child-friendly character in collaboration with the Museum’s youth panel that will appear in a family friendly trail, gallery activity sheets and interactive interpretation panels in the new galleries.

In the past month I’ve had two meetings with the youth panel and discussed what sort of characters they’d like on the displays. We’ve narrowed it down to the last two designs and we’d like the public to help us make a decision on which character to pick to be used inside the museum!

Which one do you like best/think is most relevant? You can even help decide on some names if you’d like! All thoughts much appreciated!


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2 comments on “Wiltshire Heritage Museum Character

  1. Great idea to develop a family trail through the museum. In Holland, where I live and work as a teacher at a primary school, we also have those two little animals. They are called Moffel(Muffle) and Piertje(Lobworm)and these characters present a school television program for 4/5 year olds.Maybe older children think these animals are too childish for them. I think kids identify themselves more with another child. Especially if that child is age-less.

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