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Supermum#27weekspregnant – Look, I climbed a mountain!

Finding out that I was pregnant was a magically happy moment and I’m so excited for the adventures ahead. It is however, a very strange time for me – stopping work just as my career is at a high! I really really love my job and feel a funny mixture of emotions about winding down for maternity leave. I already feel like I’m ‘missing out’ as I’ve had to turn down numerous interesting job offers – projects that would’ve been amazing for my career and projects covering subjects that I feel really passionate about. It’s frustrating having to write the reply-email saying “thanks but no”. Aaaaaargh!!

But… I’m having a baby!!! And I’m more than excited about being a mum.

Are you a parent? How have you coped with the balance of working life and mum-dad-dom?

I wanted to apologise in advance to all the new ‘followers’ on my social media sites *hello!* and my lovely long-time supporters: I’m going to be a bit more of a silent Gobblynne in the coming months – certainly no new animations for a while.

For the next few weeks I’m concentrating on getting Superdoodle up and running. Billmund and I are creating a new creative company and aim to have a team of illustrators and animators working  for us in the future (which will hopefully help me to juggle the load as a ‘working mum’ when the small human arrives). We’re building the website at the moment and are very excited about our plans.

I’ve also recently invested in some scrummy new watercolour bits so I can continue to feed my creative hunger while I’m not doing commercial work. I really want to create some more mixed media illustrations and bring those textures back!

Happy times ♥

Watercolour set

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