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Ta-da! Here’s animation #3 for Happify – this one covering the subject of mindfulness, and how practicing mindfulness could be one of the single most powerful things you can do for your wellbeing. Aaaaaand it has unicorns and rainbows in it! And mice and hedgehogs… what’s not to like?!

As with all of my work, this animation was created by drawing pen on paper. Each illustration was scanned, cleaned and coloured in Photoshop and then composited in After Effects.

Melting hedgehog

I became a real grown up for this project and hired an assistant to help out with the last 40 seconds of animation so I want to give a big shout out to Kim for all her hard graft. She’s been great to work with and has an amazing skill for flow and fluidity with character movement. THANKS KIM!!

We’re already working together on the fourth animation for Happify, which should be out at the end of this month or early Jan.

Why Mindfulness Is A SuperpowerWhy Mindfulness Is A Superpower Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

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