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Did you know it was Gas Safe Week this week? I’ve been working on a really fun animation to celebrate and educate people about being Gas Safe Aware.

For Gas Safety Week 2014, Gas Safe Register ran a competition called ‘My Gas Safe Hero’ and called upon registered engineers to get their family involved!

Children aged between 4-12 who had a relative or family friend that was Gas Safe registered were invited to submit a picture or short story that depicted their relative or family friend helping to keep the community, or a particular family, gas safe.

They received over 40 fantastic and adorable entries. You can see them all HERE!

Four pictures/short stories were shortlisted, and were turned into comic strips by the fantastically talented illustrator Billmund.








The overall winner, Poppy, had had her entry made into a short animation (by me!) which was shown at the Gas Safety Week launch event at the House of Commons.


Script: Poppy Worthington Harris (age 10)

Comic illustration: Billmund

Animation: Katy Davis


Read more about being gas safe:

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