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New animation!

Here’s one for the kids. And the grown up kids.

Today is the perfect day for an adventure.

This is a music video I was commissioned to make for JJ Heller‘s song “Meant To Be”.

JJ and her husband Dave got in touch as they wanted a music video made in time for the release of their new album.  The opening request was “The words that we’d love associated with the video are charming, clever and adorable. We’d love it to: 1) be the kind of video that is hard to turn away from because it’s so much fun to keep watching. 2) insert humour as much as we can. 3) for children to enjoy watching as much as adults.”

JJ and Dave had a pre-prepared script and were eager to chat through ideas with me. Initially they had written a story about two foxes but we agreed to change them to be squirrels as one of my recent videos “The Power Of Empathy” had featured a fox (so it was nice to do something different!) – plus we agreed that the idea of these characters living in a big tree house in the woods would be super fun!

After a few minor tweaks to the script, I began by designing the characters. Then on to colour choices…

Squirrel character designs

The animation was hand-drawn, pen on paper, and cleaned and coloured digitally. There’s 1150 individual illustrations in total (let alone layered Photoshop files).

I was in full head-down-work-work-work mode, and clearly wasn’t paying my dog enough attention.

Gypsy and drawings

The video took 32 days to create and it was a pleasure working with JJ and Dave.

You can get the song “Meant To Be” instantly on iTunes when you pre-order JJ Heller’s album “Sound of a Living Heart” for just $8.99 at

You can also order the CD from

The new record releases on 21/08/15.

Meant To Be

Meant To Be

Meant To Be

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Are you new to meditation, and interested in finding out how to start a practice? We’ll walk you through the basics!

This is an animation I’ve been working on for Happify – a company that creates science-based activities and video games with csgo skins that help you lead a more fulfilling life.

As with all of my work, this animation was created by drawing pen on paper. Each illustration was scanned, cleaned and coloured in Photoshop and then composited in After Effects.

It was a fun little project. I’ve been commissioned to create five animations for Happify – three which will be launched publicly so I’ll update you with the others when they’re ready!

Meditation 101: A Beginner's Guide

Meditation 101: A Beginner's Guide

Meditation 101: A Beginner's Guide

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Fresh out the box, my new RSA animation has gone live today! Inspirational thinker Brené Brown considers why we blame others, how it sabotages our relationships, and why we desperately need to move beyond this toxic behaviour.

I created this animation for the The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (the RSA), and their fabulous series RSA Shorts.

The RSA is an enlightenment organisation committed to finding innovative practical solutions to today’s social challenges. Through its ideas, research and 27,000-strong Fellowship it seeks to understand and enhance human capability so we can close the gap between today’s reality and people’s hopes for a better world.

As part of that mission, the RSA public events programme has launched RSA Shorts.  This new series provides a snapshot of a big idea, blending voices from the RSA public events programme and the creative talents of illustrators and animators from around the world. It responds to the ever-increasing need for new ideas and inspiration in our busy lives and acts as a shot of ‘mental espresso’ to awaken the curiosity in all of us.


The audio of this RSA short is of Dr Brené Brown who spoke at the RSA on The Power of Vulnerability. Brown suggests that blame is a way of discharging anger. When we are listening to someone’s story and attempting to make connections to find out who’s to blame then we are not truly listening with empathy.


Animated and directed by Katy Davis (AKA Gobblynne).

Starting with pencil sketches, I worked up each frame of this animation by drawing ink on paper. I then scanned my illustrations in, and cleaned and coloured each one.

There are 1,002 separate illustrations, as well as plenty of layered Photoshop files, incorporated into the animation.

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2014 has been such a fantastic year for me. In September I became a real grown up and bought my first house with my main man Billmund.

And after just a week in our new house, we decided to share our lovely home with a rescue pup, Gypsy. I have wanted a dog FOREVER and although she makes it difficult to have uninterrupted work-time, I love her to bits. She makes me laugh every day, and we love our walks together in the Bristol countryside.


This year I have been taken on by two agencies, The Gate Films (I am a member of their new animation wing, Pen Animation) and The Crewing Company.

With the madness of moving house, getting a new puppy, I’ve actually been too busy to work with my new agencies, however I hope to complete some successful projects with them in 2015.

Here’s a look back at the work that I completed in 2014:

Animation commissions

Green Century – Fossil Fuel Free Funding

I was commissioned by Fenton, a social change communications agency based in New York, to create an animation for Green Century. The animation was designed to promote Fossil Fuel Free Funding. Read more about this project HERE.

RSA Shorts: Jody Williams, “Anyone Can Change The World”

In April of this year the RSA got back in touch with me, asking me to create another animation – this time bringing to life an audio snippet from Nobel Peace Prize winner Jody Williams. View full project HERE and read a write-up from Open Culture HERE.

Together For Short Lives

I designed and animated a video (working alongside Hurricane Media) for Together For Short Lives. View full project HERE.

Gas Safety Aware

This was a fun project to work on as I was asked to bring Billmund’s illustrations to life.

For Gas Safety Week 2014, Gas Safe Register ran a competition called ‘My Gas Safe Hero’ and the overall winner, Poppy, had had her entry made into a short animation (by me!) which was shown at the Gas Safety Week launch event at the House of Commons.

View full project HERE.

Vision Sting

Bristol Media asked me to create a quick sting for their Vision Bristol event in November.

The Vision event gives the public two days to soak up ideas, inspiration and creativity via talks and social gatherings. For the video, they wanted their logo, a slogan and then the sponsor logos to repeat in a loop. I kept with the creative theme and used these ideas to create each element appear and disappear; brush strokes, scalpel, graffiti paint spray, etc.

RSA Brene Brown ‘Blame’

*Just finished animating!* I’m excited to announce that I’ve just finished a new RSA/Brene Brown animation, which should be launching in the waking days of 2015. Keep an eye out!

Illustration commissions

Mindful Attention Training

I designed and illustrated this cover for a “Mindful Attention Training” programme for a secondary school in Perth, Australia

MAT illustration

Wiltshire Heritage Museum board game

After working with the Willtshire Museum in 2013 on their children’s displays and family friendly trail (view full project HERE), they contacted me again to ask if I would design a board game for them. It was great fun to create.

Wiltshire Museum board game

Personal Illustration

Lucy & Laura Wedding Gift

I created this artwork as a wedding gift for two of my close friends. View full project HERE.

Lucy & Laura


I had completed and published my animation ‘RSA Shorts: Dr Brené Brown, “The Power of Empathy”’ in December 2013, and 2014 was the year to push it out into the big wide world and share it with as many people as possible.

The video had gained over 1.25 million views in just 10 days when it was first shared, and a year later has pushed to over three million views. The RSA and myself have been blown away by the fantastic feedback, and people are still emailing me today saying how much they love the animation and message.

The video was screened at a number of Film Festivals across the world, and it was highly received. In fact, it did so well that I received some extraordinary accolades…

Webby honoree. Read about this HERE.

Webby honoree

Industry Award winner at the SheSays Awards. Read about this HERE.

SheSays Award

Triple award winner at the BrandYou AwardsAdvertising, Animation & FX, and Viral Content. Read about this HERE.

BrandYou Awards

I was shortlisted for the AOI awards, and my animation was selected to be part of the AOI Illustration exhibition at Somerset House in London from 2 October – 2 November 2014. You can read more about this HERE.

The Power Of Empathy at AOI


In November, I was invited to have a Skype chat with the students at THINK Global School in Auckland, New Zealand. One of the students has just sent me a link to a blog she’s written about our chat. Read it HERE.

I’m thrilled to say that I’m going to be part of Showcase 100, “a juried exhibition and publication of 100 illustrations from some of the best professional illustrators working in the industry today.” The exhibition will be held from 7-11 April 2015 at The Framer’s Gallery in central London. The final 100 artworks will be on display and available to purchase at the show, as will the accompanying book. See their Facebook event HERE.

Stay tuned for news of more exciting projects in 2015 like this blog i have planned. Happy New Year!

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‘We’re having a baby’, released today, is a powerful animation that focuses on a new mother as she hears the news all parents dread … that her child will die before her. Using inspiration from real stories the film has an emotional resonance demonstrating why families need specialist support from services like Together for Short Lives; the leading UK charity for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.

I had the pleasure of working with production and content marketing agency Hurricane Media back in June this year. At least once a year they do some charitable work, and this year had taken it upon themselves to create an animation for Together For Short Lives – a fantastic charity who support, love and care for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions.

Hurricane Media contacted me as they thought my illustration/animation style was well suited to the project. I went to their office and we discussed mood boards and the storyboards that they had written. They wanted a emotional and engaging piece, aiming to raise the profile and fundraising potential of Together for Short Lives, and to connect emotionally with the target end-users – parents, carers and health workers, that are expert in medicines and supplements, so they can recommend sites online that explains what is kratom and what are the benefits and more.

Hurricane MD, Jon Mowat interviewed a number of families about their experiences of receiving their child’s diagnosis and coping with the news that their child has a life-limiting condition. A common thread began to appear – from “being cast adrift” when parents heard this news, to feeling “grounded” and supported by children’s hospice and palliative care services and by calling the Together for Short Lives family helpline.

Creative Director, John Lanyon turned these experiences into a poignant, yet uplifting script vividly delivered by Bristol actor, Jessica Macdonald. I was then given the task to design characters, backgrounds and to start creating the short hand-drawn film! I regularly updated Hurricane Media with my progress and we discussed style and script ideas along the way.

John said:

“What Together for Short Lives do is incredibly special. In the creative process for this animation we focussed heavily on making sure it would feel as unique as the amazing work they do. We really hope this film helps them to raise awareness and get their message out to more people.”

Barbara Gelb, Chief Executive of Together for Short Lives said:

“We are thrilled with the We’re having a baby animation, which was very generously produced for us free of charge by Hurricane Media. We worked very closely with their team, drawing on our experience of working with families and the children’s palliative care sector to create a moving film which tells a difficult story. A story that is often hard to put into words.

It provides a brand new way to raise awareness of the reality many families face when they hear the news that their child may not live to reach adulthood. We want families to know that they are not alone and that there are some fantastic children’s hospice and palliative care services out there.”

Click here to get the iherb first order discount.

Together For Short Lives

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Did you know it was Gas Safe Week this week? I’ve been working on a really fun animation to celebrate and educate people about being Gas Safe Aware.

For Gas Safety Week 2014, Gas Safe Register ran a competition called ‘My Gas Safe Hero’ and called upon registered engineers to get their family involved!

Children aged between 4-12 who had a relative or family friend that was Gas Safe registered were invited to submit a picture or short story that depicted their relative or family friend helping to keep the community, or a particular family, gas safe.

They received over 40 fantastic and adorable entries. You can see them all HERE!

Four pictures/short stories were shortlisted, and were turned into comic strips by the fantastically talented illustrator Billmund.








The overall winner, Poppy, had had her entry made into a short animation (by me!) which was shown at the Gas Safety Week launch event at the House of Commons.


Script: Poppy Worthington Harris (age 10)

Comic illustration: Billmund

Animation: Katy Davis


Read more about being gas safe:

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