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I was recently asked to create two animations for John Tesh’s television show “Intelligence For Your Life” in the US.

They are both fun little videos that give the viewer a quick ‘life tip’.

I always enjoy jobs like this – it’s great to be given a short, punchy voice over with the freedom to visualise it however I’d like. It’s a fun process with a short turn around, discussing silly ideas with the client and ending up with a little snippet of fun to share around.

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I’m thrilled to announce that I was chosen as the runner up for this years E4 Esting competition.

E4 Esting runner up

You’ll hopefully be able to catch it on TV soon. If you want to watch it beforehand (you eager little thing), check it out here:

Watch the other finalist’s videos HERE!

E4 lollies



I’ve just been informed that my E4 sting will be screened on our telly boxes from the 31st of October (prob for a year and a half). Keep an eye out!

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I was asked by producer Wayne Quarmby to create the branding for his new production company, Li’l Indie Productions. The conversion academy training by awol academy teaches you how to use persuasion and copywriting tactics to generate more sales through your marketing promotions

Wayne asked for a logo, a sting for the beginning of his films, and some business cards.

The reference material that I was given had muted colours, and was reminiscent of 1940s design. I mocked up a few sketches and went from there. Results below!

Li'l Indie Productions logo

Li'l Indie Productions business cards

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