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Last night when visiting my parents, they revealed that they had unearthed my Great Uncle Horace Davis’ sketchbook.

I was subsequently hooked in looking through his illustrations on the aged pages. I thought I’d share some of the work that he had done around the UK and Germany between 1937 and 1938.

I love the intricacy in the drawings, and how small they are! It’s funny that these days we seem to create artwork as huge as possible, but his perfectly detailed lines are just gorgeous.


And this last one is an illustration of my grandfather! How lovely!


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Happy Valentines everyone!

I’ve made a quick animation for Animade’s “Full Secs” collection:

The rules are as follows:

1 full second of animation
2 second title and end slates
Sound throughout
No looping!

“Full Secs” idea developed by

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This is a promo video that I created for Learn Big, Teach Big.

Their mission is to create a diverse global community of teachers and learners – a cosy place where learners can find the best local teachers, quickly and efficiently. Lessons, classes, courses, or any way you want to learn – it’s your choice. Learn Big, Teach Big aims to give talented teachers the greatest opportunities possible to share their skills with others, using robust yet simple tools.

Learn Big, Teach Big website:
Follow Learn Big, Teach Big on twitter at
Like Learn Big, Teach Big on Facebook:

I was also asked to create the cover image for Learn Big, Teach Big’s Facebook page too. I thought it would be nice to make a ‘LBTB world’ with lots of different characters taking part in different activities. It’s fun and bright and encourages the audience to think about all of the different courses/groups they could be joining in with.

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