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I worked as creative director alongside production company No Magnolia ( to create this stop motion animation as an internal anti-phishing explanatory video for a company.

Communicate an anti-phishing message to staff, defining what suspicious links are and why they shouldn’t be clicked on. The finished video had to convey the message simply enough for non-technical users to understand, as well as having enough technical detail so that advanced users didn’t feel patronised.

We decided to go for a stop-motion animated approach rather than something computer-animated, to soften the message and make it feel less, well, computery. The “hook” is that while you’re watching stuff happen on the screen on Dave’s desk, six of the things around the screen change: so the message is, keep your wits about you and concentrate on everything, or you might get tripped up.

The client loved it, especially all the little touches we put in – the sound effects and little graphical details which are only there for a fraction of a second, making it more likely people might watch the video twice.

For the project, I designed and assembled numerous assets for the shoot. Here is an example of the assets that I created for when the two businessmen shake hands. The design worked like a puppet, moving at the elbow and wrist joints, held loosely in place with blu tack. When the hands were moved together, I would swap the cut out of the open hands for the cut out of the two hands holding one another.

Below are some extra stills taken from the production stage of the project:

And look here, it’s me! Below is the Making of video. Check out how fast I move!

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Back in 2008 I created the music video for Bim’s ‘Stay In My Memory’ ( The video depicts a love story between two characters which comes to life in a pop-up book, which I created myself.

This year I was contacted by Jean-Charles Trebbi, a French author who was creating a book about pop up books.

L’Art Du Pop-Up‘ (The Art Of Pop-Up) is a charming book, and worth a read (if you are well versed in French!).

Below is a still of my feature, which translates as follows;

“Katy Davis is an illustrator and animator. In 2008, she oversaw the video for the song ‘Stay In My Memory’ Bim, in which a pop-up book comes alive. She herself created the concept for the book pop-up clip. She first designed the pages in Adobe Photoshop, and produced a professional print of them from a single long cardboard sheet that Katy folded in book form. Then she drew lines with a scalpel in the pages, and placed items in the pop-up slots. Once the book was finished, Katy prepared a studio with soft light, and photographed the pages showing the girl at the end. Once satisfied with the final cut, she then drew the characters on paper and colorised them in Photoshop – there are 1651 drawings of the characters. She assembled them all in Adobe After Effects.”

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