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Last month I completed a short character design animation for the wonderful people at Dead Ready Productions.

They had the brilliant task of creating digital set animations for the Imperial Ice Stars’ production of Swan Lake on Ice, which has recently completed a run of 5 shows at the Royal Albert Hall.

The unique interior of the Hall led the show’s producers (Lunchbox Theatrical Productions) to replace their usual touring set with an impressive LED wall measuring 50 feet wide and scaling over 12 feet in height. The wall stood along the back edge of the ice rink, and displayed a wide range of scenes designed specially for the performance, all at an incredible clarity and brightness.

Part of the set backdrop consisted of a scene where a stag grazes in the midst of the woods, looks up shocked, bucks, and gallops off. Dead Ready called me in for this part of the job, and I happily went on my way to create 350 separate illustrations of the stag.

Here is a video of the stag on it’s own:

And here is (a clip from) the final video, with the stag composited into Dead Ready’s environment:


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For the next four weeks you’ll find my illustrations in Woman’s Weekly! I was commissioned to create illustrations to accompany a four part fictional series (issues 22nd and 29th May, 5th and 12th June 2012).

The story was about a family being burdened with the perils of being in witness protection after the father had been witness to an incident.

The people at Woman’s Weekly had seen my mixed media work and wanted illustrations created in the same style. They asked me to produce a masthead for the double page spreads which would feature a few houses, indicating the family’s numerous moves from the country to the suburbs. I also created four separate large illustrations to be featured in each magazine issue. These illustrations subtly represented the premise of the story without giving anything away, including an illustration of the father witnessing the crime and an illustration of the family’s belongings piled up in the upheaval of moving house.

Below are some of my final illustrations:

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I’ve recently completed a painting for Bristol’s BUNT exhibition which is being coordinated by the local illustration collective Drawn in Bristol. Over 60 artists have painted a large scale piece of wooden bunting for the exhibition to celebrate the diverse wildlife of the South-West, in association with Bristol’s BIG Green Week.

We were given a big list of flora and fauna found in the South-West that is under threat. I chose to paint the lapwing.


Those of you Bristol based, this exhibition will be running June 9 – 17 at the following venues: At-Bristol / Colston Hall / M Shed.

Please do come along if you’d like to see all of the artwork in real life!


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